Dna Banking – Pros And Cons

DNA banking is an option where you can have your DNA and genetic profile stored in a lab that has proper storage facilities to keep DNA secure and intact for many years.

Why would you want to have your DNA stored? Some of the possible reasons you might consider this is for scientists and doctors to analyze for genetic pre-dispositions and gene therapy for future treatments that may not currently be available but may become available as technology and education advances in the future. This is especially important for people and families with a history of certain diseases that tend to run in the family.

Another reason might be to preserve your genetic legacy for your family for generations to come so future generations can have access to this information if they should need it. DNA banking ensures that even after you pass away your DNA information is not lost forever when you are gone.

Parents also sometimes consider this for themselves and their children so in the event that something happens to the child or parent and identification needs to be done for missing persons or if it comes to needing to identify remains the DNA is available for this. This is emergency preparedness on steroids but is something to consider.

So what are some of the things that could go wrong with DNA banking?

Well for starters nothing is truly unhackable as we have seen over and over again. If the Pentagon can get hacked then a simple laboratory can also get hacked. It is a possibility. But why would someone even want to hack a DNA storage facility? Well this genetic information is information that is very interesting to insurance companies and something they would buy in a heart beat.

Imagine applying for a loan but getting rejected because on some insurance database your genetic profile says you are likely to get Alzheimers before you can repay the loan even though there is no single gene responsible for creating Alzheimers and it’s not something you currently even have. It’s like a version of the movie Minority Report where they arrest people for pre crimes that haven’t even been committed yet.
Or say in the high competition business world someone competing for the same job as you hires a hacker to access your DNA data so any possible genetic pre-dispositions can be used against you in the interview making you seem like an unfit candidate. Ok, that might be highly unlikely but not really that far fetched in this crazy day and age especially with people who will do anything to win.

Or this information could be used in a custody battle trying to make you seem unfit. Say for example your DNA suggests that there is a predisposition to psychiatric illness. That is fuel to fight with.

DNA banking definitely has its pros and cons but you ultimately have to decide what is best for your particular situation.