Possible Reasons For Getting A Dna Test

DNA testing certainly has a multitude of applications. Some of the more popular reasons are to find out who you are related to in your ancestral lineage. Some people even find out they are distantly related to famous people. My maternal uncle found out he was eighth cousins with George Washington. Others find out their lineage is from ancestors who lived in regions of the world they didn’t know they descended from. Finding out your past can be life changing for many people.

Finding out present relationships in an age where infidelity and lying is rampant is another popular reason many people want a DNA test. Finding out who your real parents are is a childs right and it is a parents right to find out who their child is. Not only is it often necessary for peace of mind and emotional bonding and connecting but it also can have legal aspects as well when it comes to inheritance, child custody, child financial support and things of that nature.

For immigration purposes people claiming the person they are applying for is related is no longer taken at word value or through documentation. Documents can be forged so now you are required to prove a relative is actually a relative using a legal DNA test with a chain of custody.

Sometimes DNA testing is also required by the IRS for proving that the child you claim on your tax return as a dependant is actually yours.

Siblings who are twins often want to get a DNA test to find out if they are identical twins or fraternal twins. Many times this is out of curiosity but it can also be helpful for medical reasons as well.

One of the lesser known types of DNA testing available is infidelity DNA testing. Unfaithfulness in a relationship is at a pretty high rate worldwide and since a cheating partner usually denies any infidelity when confronted with allegations or questions often it’s better to just get irrefutable proof backed by science. This information is helpful when trying to decide whether to stay or leave a relationship and when initiating divorce proceedings.

Another trend picking up speed is DNA testing for weight loss. This test can tell someone what exercise and diet is the right one for their specific genetic blueprint. It eliminates the guesswork and all the trial and error involved with dieting and exercising.

These are just a few of the many possible reasons to get a DNA test.