What Is Vedic Astrology And How Does It Differ From Western Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a form of astrology that is practiced in India. It is the study of planetary movements, and the positions of the planets at a given day or time and how they influence the 12 zodiac signs, and therefore the personality traits of human beings. Vedic astrology depends on the positions of the fixed sun signs in relation to the earth at any given point in time

Vedic astrology is subscribed to by the Indians/Hindu, and it is thousands of years old. It was originally called jyotish vidya, and it has been documented by the Maharishi the learned sages of the Hindu throughout the ages. It is an important part of Hindu scripture.

Jyotish means the science of light, and Vedic astrology studies astral light patterns and their impact on our future and our destiny. It is used to calculate everything from a persons likely wealth to their potential happiness with various marital partners.

Vedic astrology charts are calculated using a persons birth information, and they differ slightly compared to western astrology. Both types of astrology use planets, signs and houses as a way of dividing up the chart however, in the world of Vedic astrology, a person is considered to be their rising sign because that is the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. This contrasts with the world of western astrology where a person is considered to hold their sun sign instead. The sun was in that specific sign for 30 days, while the rising sign was there for the exact moment that the sign was born.

There are some other differences with western astrology, the zodiac is heavily based on the changing of the seasons, while Vedic astrology will look more at the constellations in the sky. There has been a long time since the two paradigms were in alignment in fact, that time was a couple of thousand years ago. Today, however, the two zodiac systems are almost a full sign out of alignment so someone who is a Leo in western astrology may find that if you check where the sun was when you were born, it was in the constellation of Cancer.

Thats not to say one system is better than the other Vedic astrology is more traditional, and Western astrology is far more open. The planets are directly related to each other, and it significantly changes the way that we think. If youhave enjoyed reading about this form of astrology then you can go here for further info.