All You Need To Know About The Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese Zodiac is one filled with fascination and mystery. It has existed for centuries and is often used in, contrary to belief, not just China but also Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other countries from Asia. The Chinese Zodiac works in a similar vein to Western horoscope with a difference being that Western astrology utilises twelve monthly signs that govern the sky throughout the year, but the Chinese Zodiac indicates one sign governing one year at a time for twelve-year cycles.

The Chinese cycles are based on the planet Jupiter and Jupiter’s orbit. This is the largest planet in the solar system and acts as a base for all signs in the Chinese Zodiac.

All of these signs present with specific attributes and characteristics. It is important to consider these attributes and traits as they will determine the individual’s life course.

To identify an individual’s sign according to the Chinese Zodiac it is necessary to examine the date of the person’s birth. For example, a person who was born during the seventh year of the Chinese astrological twelve-year cycle will be marked as a Horse. Previous years of the Horse include 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014. The next year of the Horse will be 2026.

Of all the characteristics identified in people born in the year of the Horse, the most prominent are enthusiasm and energy. The element associated with this particular sign is the sign of fire, or as it is pronounced in the Chinese language “huo”. The lucky flowers associated with the sign of the Horse include the jasmine and the calla lily.

Individuals who are born in the year of the Horse tend to be very lucky and are associated with colours such as yellow, purple and brown. These individuals are also warm-hearted and easy-going finding it simple to make friends in all situations. Their independent nature and ability to maintain high levels of stamina often contributes to their development of power in later life. Horses also have strong positive energy that they spread to their friends and family.

In addition to positive traits, people born in this year have different negative traits and these can include the desire to spend money. Despite Horses being careless with money, they are able to succeed in business. Unfortunately, people born in the year of a Horse will lack persistence when developing businesses and will find themselves procrastinating during their ventures.

Horses are very well suited to people born under the sign of the Sheep, Rabbit and Tiger. If these individuals are matched at birth, they will often make a well-matched romantic pairing with lots of interests to share. Horses are also well-matched to people born in the year of the Monkey and with Dragons or Dogs. They should, however, avoid any pairing with people under the sign of the Rooster, Ox, Rat or other Horses. If yo uhave enjoyed reading abut the Chinese horse and would like to learn more then check out this site for further information.